The Market in ChiChi

In a previous post I had said I would write a completely different post to describe the market in Chichicastenango.  However, upon reading the blog written by my friend Drew, I found that he surely articulated the market scene much better than I could.  I encourage you to check out his blog too, for while we’re on the same study abroad program, we still have different experiences.

“The market is an inundation of the senses. I was smacked in the head by bag of firewood, thumped with a baby, and stepped on more times than I have toes. I smelled delicious yet off-limits street food, (already one of our compatriots has succumbed to the dreadful diarrhea of the traveler, lovingly nicknamed the Guat Squat’s in Central America)  treacherous shrimp baking in the sun, and sweet pineapples as they were sliced with machetes. I saw leather belts, beaded bracelets, traditional masks, and heard the jingles and sales and offers of each vendor, eager to peddle their wares.”


One response to “The Market in ChiChi

  1. I’m reminded of books I’ve read by Martin Prechtel……south american spirituality……very good/reccomended reading.

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