La Crepa Loca

La Crepa Loca = Our New Favorite

There is a a dusting of cinnamon in the shape of a Canadian maple leaf on draped across the two crepes that sit upon a plate, decorated with pink  sprinkles and cream sauce.  On top of the two crepes, is a simple, yet elegant, garnish.  We are sitting in La Crepa Loca, a crepe place here in Xela, Guatemala, that some of the girls have been eyeing since we arrived.  Of course, as luck would have it, we try the place out on our last night in Xela, and of course, it’s one of the best places we’ve eaten at so far.

The restaurant has a very modern vibe, with bright orange and green decor, matching tableware, and very modern water glasses—that are purposely tilted.  The bright and welcoming vibe, in companion with the music from the United States that they have playing, makes us feel right at home.

My crepe is called the Canadienne; a crepe filled with creme and maple syrup.  While the others wanted something with fruit and Nutella, I was feeling a hankering for maple syrup at the moment.  The creme is rich, yet not so overpowering that it left me with a brick in my stomach, and mixed with the maple syrup, it creates a filling that is sweet, but does not make you feel like you dumped a table spoon of syrup directly on your pallet.  For eighteen Quetzales, this is a good deal—two nicely folded crepes that are enough for two people (which I ended up sharing a second Canadienne with strawberries with my friend, Julie—the addition of strawberries was her idea and surely a good one).


The service at this restaurant is great as well.  From that table we are sitting at, we can see our meals being made, just feet away.  The two men and one woman working together, very well I should add, to create our dishes that are, in a way, a work of art.  We notice the skill that one of the men has with the knife, chopping veggies rapidly and precisely.  Later, while watching them make our crepes, we see them use a stencil to create the maple leaf on my crepes.  This place has thought not only about service and the taste of their food, but the display of each dish as well.

A nice meal of paninies, crepes, and hot chocolate, surrounded by good tunes, and great friends, was a great way to end our stay here in Xela.  From here, we go out to a rural indigenous community for four days, and then onto El Salvador.  Until then my family, friends, and other followers.  Stay well!

Song playing on iTunes at the moment: Garth Brooks; “Do What You Gotta Do”;  Album: Sevens

[Photos taken on iPhone 4]

3 responses to “La Crepa Loca

  1. Hard to believe they have pink sprinkles even there?! You’d make a good food critic. Makes me want to go out and find someplace that serves crepes around here…. hope you continue to have a great trip!

  2. great blog dustin. Enjoying your insight and photos (is that a house boat or an ice fisherman’s shack that didn’t get off the ice???)…..some of your thoughts are bring back memories of our life in the PI……continue to enjoy your incredible experience……

  3. The chef you had was my daughters fiance. Elmer Zarate. Hard working man. Long hrs. for little pay.

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