Fall Break 2012: Part One

After 19 hours of traveling we made it to our Fall break beach house.  Most of us pulled an all-nighter on Friday night so that we could catch our bus from San Salvador to Managua at 02:30 on Saturday.  After sitting on a coach bus from 03:00 until around 15:00, we arrived in Managua, Nicaragua.  Only to take a quick bus ride to the public bus terminal, where we caught a bus from Managua to San Juan del Sur.  There was one catch though—there was standing room only.  So, we stood for two hours until we arrived at Rivas, just outside of San Juan de Sur, where a number of passengers got off, allowing us to take their seats.  We arrived at the Pali supermarket in San Juan del Sur at around quarter to 7 that night, clearly feeling the toll that a full day of traveling had taken on us.  After picking up some food to get us through the night, we loaded our gear into the back of two pick up trucks and climbed into the pickups, with Drew, Justin, and I in the bed of one of the trucks with the gear.  Little did we know that we would end up taking a half hour drive to the house (we thought it was only 15 minutes), and would be delayed by an hour because of a flooded river that one must cross in order to get to the coast from town.  Needless to say, we found ourselves dragging big-time when we were standing around by the trucks, waiting for the river to go down, and knowing that it was just about 21:00.

Our house consists of a main kitchen and sitting area, as well as three different cabanas, and 1.5 baths.  Private beach.  Surf boards.  Grill.  What more do we need??  That night, some of us made our way down to the beach to find soft sand with few rocks, and waves that are noticeably docile compared to those that we had swum in in El Salvador.  Little did we know, one of the owners of the house and the development that it is built in is super chill.  Born in Queens, NY and a graduate of SUNY Albany, he’s been living in Central America full-time for the past 7 years.  Also, the beach here at the house was used in two episodes of Survivor, Nicaragua, and the house was rented out by the Survivor crew for 3 months during the taping of that season.

We’ve been able to catch some waves of the surf boards, catch some rays, and enjoy the company of the new friends we have become on this semester abroad.

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