Fall Break: Part 2

28 October 2012

So here we are.  The end of fall break, or as some of the others in my group choose to call it, spring break, has finally come upon us.  We have spent the past week relaxing, beaching, swimming, surfing, cooking, eating, and, yes I’ll be honest, partying.

This past week, eleven of the fourteen of us rented out a beach house on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, just outside of the town of San Juan del Sur.  When I say “just outside,” I mean a half hour four-wheel drive trip over hills and along dirt roads to reach the humble abode we called our home for eight nights.

Nestled in the cliffs of Nicaragua, sat Casa Ola (Wave House), consisting of a full kitchen, living room, and main patio.  As well as 2.5 baths, and two detached bungalows.  In addition, there was a private beach just a few steps down from the house.  Despite the isolation, it’s an understatement to say we enjoyed ourselves.  Truthfully, we didn’t really need to leave the place.  We were there for vacation; to relax.  Yeah, it would’ve been good to be able to go into town and grab a bite to eat or check out the bar scene, but that also costs money.  So, we stocked up on rations for the week and sat our asses in the sand and stuck our toes in the water (thank the Zac Brown Band for that).

We could hear the waves from the house.  It was quite surreal knowing that we were living on the ocean for a week, being able to wake up and look out over the Pacific, and watch the sun set over the ocean as well.  Even when it rained it didn’t seem to effect us very much.  We still found time to get in the ocean.  Well one thing it did effect was that everything was pretty damp for a good two days in a row.  Luckily though, yesterday and today were clear and sunny.

There was, however, just a couple of hiccups throughout the week.  Nothing major, but it made things interesting.  First, we discovered that every time we hired a pick-up truck to bring us in and out of town, it would cost us $40.  We knew it would cost us, but didn’t think it would be that much.  Also, we were told that bottled water would be included in the $1100 we payed as a group to rent the house for the week.  Upon arrival though, we found ourselves paying for the pure water (you can’t drink out of the faucet down here).  By the fourth day, we were boiling water so that we wouldn’t have to pay for it anymore.  We also found that the toilets were usually a hit-or-miss as to whether or not they would flush.  And then, the night before we leave (last night) we were told that we would have to pay for a pan, that was apparently bought just prior to us arriving, and since there was some black marks from the gas stove that we used it on, we would be required to pay for it.  Justin, one of the guys in our group, jokingly commented that apparently “damaged” to them, meant “used.”  Oddly enough as well, one of the owners of the property was repeatedly at the house throughout the week, which to us, was sort of weird.  Not only was it him, but his dog and one of his friends as well.  Sort of a weird situation.  In the end though, these hiccups just create for a story, and add to the travel experience.


Once again, I realized just how much I love water and the ocean.  Maybe it’s the sheer size of the ocean that mesmerizes me, or maybe it’s my Filipino blood; whatever it is, I totally dig the ocean.  Furthermore, my love for nature was reaffirmed as well.  The sunsets, the crabs, the water, the rock formations, the views, the cloud formations, simply walking barefoot—it all fascinates me.  It all makes me want to live by the ocean, or at least a body of water of some sort.

Peace and love from Nicaragua!

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