A Quaint City Near the Sea

Saturday, 17 November 2012 to Sunday, 18 November 2012

One night.  Three friends.  A colonial city.  Weather hotter than Managua.  Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite city we have visited, but it was still very nice.  The colonial architecture and vibe is reminiscent of Granada.  The buildings are a little more worn, the streets a little more dirty, but the life of the city is still evident.  We ate at a restaurant called, Barobaro.  The chicken burrito I ordered was well worth its money, and the marinara sauce it was topped with was a new experience as well.  The cocktail menu the restaurant had was extensive, almost consuming the entire amount of time it took us to decide which entree we would like to order.  I chose the Bounty Hunter: Malibu, chocolate, and creme.  I love chocolate; and it satisfied my sweet-tooth nicely.

After dinner we headed back to our hostel.  Our hostel is comfortable; an attached restaurant and bar, free wifi, hammocks, and comfortable beds.  Ya don’t really need much more than that!  The hostel wasn’t able to reserve three beds in the same room, but instead, two in one room and one in another.  Moira stepped up and chose to take the single, while Charlotte and I were shown to our room just down the hall.  As we walk in, there is an older man, hair graying, heavier set (basketball belly), talking to one of the roommates who happened to be a young women from Germany.  We step outside to give the man who has shown us to our rooms our IDs for him to take down our information.  All the while, we are hearing how the older man is originally from San Francisco but is down here in Central America, essentially, just bumming around.  He was in Guatemala, and has made his way to Nicaragua to visit a friend who is building a house in Granada.  He also has a friend coming up from South America to visit.

The next day, I learn that the young women from Germany is actually on her gap year.  She just finished high school, has spent 2 months in Panama on an internship for Adidias handling human relations stuff, and is now in Nicaragua.  Apparently, she didn’t like Costa Rica very much, and spent only one week there before continuing north to Nicaragua, which she enjoys.  We continue to chat, comparing our cultures: the United States has Thanksgiving, but Germany has yet to adopt that holiday; gap years aren’t common in the United States, and France, but is common in most of the rest of Europe.  In January, she is heading to Peru to work at an orphanage, and is planning on traveling until she heads to university in 2013.  We both identify with missing our families while traveling, but we both agree that traveling and seeing Central America is awesome and an amazing experience.

After I end my short chat with the young German woman, Moira, Charlotte, and I head out to check out some of the many churches in Leon, and then to grab some brunch.  Four churches later, and soaked in sweat, we walk into El Desayunazo.  This place has had practice in catering to people from the United States: the service was fast, the food was good, and the prices were cheap.  Our pitstop for brunch is followed by us parking our asses in a cafe called, Libélula.  A nice cold Oreo frappe quenched my thirst in the heat that we were not exactly prepared for.  See picture below.

Getting a microbus back to Managua was smoother than our waiting in line for an hour to get a microbus from Managua to León.

This coming weekend, some of us are headed to La Laguna de Apoyo.


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