You Can Pay Later

11 de marzo de 2013

“You can pay the next time you pass by the café,” she says to me.  I thought I had understood her Spanish, but needed to make sure.  “I can return later and pay?”  “Yes.”

This morning I went to a local cafe in my neighborhood in hopes to find a good place to handle some computer work that I had wanted to try and get done.  Only after I order my twelve peso cafecito does the waitress tell me that the Internet isn’t functioning at the moment.  Great.  Just last week my friend and I had had trouble finding a cafe that had functioning internet.  Well, no worries, I thought to myself, and decided to take a moment and enjoy the coffee I had ordered.  I get up to pay, and find that the one hundred peso bill that I have in my pocket is too large for her to give change.  Understandable.  Then, I find that they only accept cash.  Shit.  But then, she tells me that I can come back later and pay when I have a smaller bill.  What?  You mean I can leave without paying, and you trust me to come back and pay?… All I could respond with was, “Muchas gracias, muchas gracias.”

I have only had a similar experience once in my life, about a month ago.  I was in Saratoga Springs, NY and stopped into a local store to see if there were any blank greeting cards.  There was, and I proceeded to choose one.  I get up to the register in this little, nook and cranny store, only to find that my debit card gets declined.  Not wanting to use a credit card, I told the owner that I’d come back later when I had cash.  Much to my surprise though, she tells me to take the card and to come back later and pay…

… the kindness and trust of others knows no borders.

PS- Yes, I did return and pay that same day—both instances.


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