A Winter Meditation

The clouds of winter storm Juno cover the sky.  I look up and see the faint glow of the moon from behind those masses that will soon unleash their wintry gift.  Down the road I see the lights of homes, fields that are home to dairy cows during the spring, summer, and fall, and the white of the snow on each side of the road from the last snowfall that we had.

I press the button on my headlamp and the road is illuminated once again; one circle of the road lit up at a time.  Onward I run.  I’ve become used to running with a headlamp now that I usually spend the day’s light inside at work.  Early morning runs have been accompanied by this beam of light.  Tonight, the flakes of Juno get caught in the light for a second and are immediately swept out of the beam by the wind.  I can see my breath float into the beam as I exhale, it looks like smoke from a smoker’s lips.

The drivers in the cars that have passed me must think I’m crazy.  Out here at night, in the cold of winter, running.  Yet, little do they know that this is when I feel most alive.  The meditation.  The exposure to the elements.  It all reminds me that I’m human.  I enjoy being outside, no matter the time of day or even the weather.  This is just how I feel alive.


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